Latest updates campaign | Mei Plasticvrij, a Belgian initiative fighting plastic waste

Since a few years, every May in Belgium is dedicated to a nationwide campaign to lower the use of single-use plastic. This campaign, started by three Flemish women, is called Mei Plasticvrij (May Plastic Free). Considering this philosophy is completely in line with the one of, we had to design a campaign that surfed on the waves of this phenomenon.

After the first half year of the development of, we carried out a few changes, including a change of brand highlight colours. The bright and cheerful pastel colours evoke positive associations like good weather and green environments, as well as a modern and light touch. These colours can easily be used for social media videos, visuals and stories, and are fresh and inviting.

For Mei Plasticvrij, we took inspiration from our assortment of products that are plastic free and involve a real change in the amount of plastic waste. We chose 5 star products that will center in our campaign.

Through simple visuals we communicate which single-use plastic can be avoided by using the plastic free alternative. By using the new pastel brand colours we can introduce a common thread between our social media channels and our webshop. These visuals are introduced by a short animated video that shows our top 5 as a teaser.

The visuals will be posted throughout May with Facebook Shopping tags. Including the actual products in the Facebook post will invite the user to click through to our site. Simultanuously a Google Shopping Adwords campaign will be launched in order to initiate search related traffic into conversion. As transition to a more sustainable lifestyle is a gradual one, we will use remarketing-campaigns focused on pragmatic solutions to a specific audience.

You can take a look at our social media channels here.

Data management & sustainability

Ik was toch wel aangenaam verrast dat op het Forum 2019 van GS1 – een congres rond product data management en barcoderingen – er gepeild werd naar het duurzaam consumentengedrag van het publiek. De resultaten waren echter niet zo verrassend… Het toont wel aan dat er op alle fronten nagedacht wordt over hoe we verantwoordelijker kunnen omgaan met onze producten en grondstoffen. Meer nog, het debat met Anton Delbarre, Vincent De Hertogh, Martine Pauwels en Jan Merckx toonde aan dat product informatie via QR-codering een cruciaal element wordt in de levensloop van een product.

Bringing Growingpaper to the Belgian market

Starting from the end of 2018, we became official reseller of the paper brand and printing service of Growingpaper. They produce and print on natural paper filled with seeds. This paper can be planted after use and will degrade completely.

This is a Dutch firm that grew out of the engagement of Ton Keetels and Geert Maas. Thanks to mutual interests in sustainability, they created a concept with a cradle-to-cradle view in mind.

They developed two kinds of paper. One 70 grams, to be compared with printing paper. The other 250 grams, a luxurious card. The knack of this product is that the paper is filled with seeds. After receiving products made from Growingpaper, people can plant the paper and flowers or vegetables will grow. This concept is clever and circular, considering the paper has two goals, and can be returned to earth after use.

The finer paper is still being produced in The Netherlands and therefore reducing carbon emission. The heavier Growingcard is handmade in an atelier in South-Africa. This way the firm offers employment and a fair wage to people with less chances on the job market.

Next to the product of Growingpaper itself comes a printing service. After meticulous research and tests, they found a way to print this paper without damaging the surface or seeds. All this printing is being done with eco-friendly ink that doesn’t damage the surroundings when planted.

We see a big potential for this service in Belgium. Considering the product is not only sustainable and circular, but also very quirky and attractive way communicating. Whether companies send out New Years greetings on Growingpaper, or customers buy birthday cards, the possibilities are endless.

Do you want to know more about Growingpaper? Read here. Interested in collaborating? Contact us.

Member of The Shift: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals with 370+ Belgian organisations

Just recently VivaVerde for Business became member of The Shift. They are uniting Belgian organisations in their efforts towards a sustainable future. With the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN as a framework, these organisations show different policies to ensure a livable future as well in social fields, as in commerce and industries.

The SDG’s vary from providing clean sanitation for everyone, to evolving technology and industrialization into a sustainable industry. They bring together governments, private businesses and NGO’s. For VivaVerde for Business, the main SDG’s we are delivering are:

8. Decent work and economic growth: We work with European suppliers that have strict guidelines concerning job quality and fair pay for work.

9. Industries, innovation and infrastructure: We actively search for partners that are innovating their manufacture by reducing waste and energy.

12. Responsible consumption and production: We partner up with companies in Europe, to avoid high carbon emission from transport. We inform people on how to live sustainably and offer them solutions to do so.

13. Climate action: We provide solutions that will help people to reduce emissions and increase adaptation to the changing environment.

17. Partnership for the goals: By joining The Shift, we are partnering up with 370+ organisations in Belgium, including Colruyt Group, Unicef and SdWorx.

Because we choose to work with companies who have these same goals and more, we are building a network of companies that support each other in achieving those goals. Together we build the road towards sustainable economic growth. These partnerships are further explored and reinforced with the help of The Shift.

Proud agent for Elgo, irrigation company

We are proud to announce our partnership with the company of Elgo. This irrigation expert has more than a hundred years of experience. From designing some of the first sprinkler systems, to now producing high quality, easy to use micro irrigation kits, their knowledge on saving water is vast.

Elgo provides practical, easy to use and versatile home irrigation systems to more than 80 countries worldwide. We will be bringing the Elgo product range for micro irrigation to the Belgian and Dutch market with our branch VivaVerde for Retail.

Elgo – Saving water since 1906

This is an assortment of easy to use systems, most of them ready to use with minimal set up. Smart solutions like drip hoses that connect to water butts, will convince customers of the use of water management systems.

The market for microdrip systems is valuable to us, because now more than ever, we have to be aware of our use of water. With long draughts and short periods of heavy rainfall, we need to adapt our behaviour towards water use. These products support plant growth with a minimum of water. That is why Elgo provides reliable systems for garden enthusiasts who are aware of water use and climate change.

Are you interested to know more about these products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Green Friday as the start of the customer journey

Our marketing project for was centered around forming a response towards the global phenomenon of Black Friday, the symbol of worldwide overconsumption. The idea is to promote a Green Friday, that focuses around slow living, the quality of life and the products in it. We are promoting durable, sustainable and user friendly products that are manufactured by European SMBs.

In line with these values, we are seeing the Green Friday campaign in a larger framework. This campaign will be used as an awareness bringing element. That is why this campaign will last one week, instead of one day. Potential customers will initially be made aware of the values and ideas of, thanks to content and promotions made around Green Friday.

After this first introduction, we will transform this awareness into conversions through an extensive campaign focusing on the Christmas shopping period. After this period of buying, we are keeping the customers close and building up loyalty with service after sales and a balanced cocktail of content and quality products. The idea behind this stretched out process is to take our potential customers onto a journey. This journey will not force them, but inspire them to consume more consciously.

Elements of the Green Friday campaign

  • Facebook and Instagram
    During a short introduction period of three days, we are announcing the launch of the Green Friday week with GIFS that show the contrast between fast consumption, industry and waste, and a simpler, slower way of living and consuming. During the Green Friday week, we showcase five different ‘Green Heroes’ from the shop assortment and highlight their benefits with short but informative and clear videos. These videos will go up both on the Facebook and Instagram page.
  • Website
    A special highlight page is made with an explanation of the ideas and values that inspired this campaign. This page will be a hub that combines all content and products that are being put in the spotlights.
  • Online advertising
    We will be making promotions for this content via Facebook, Instagram and Adwords.

Jardi d’Jo collaborates with VivaVerde for Business

The Jardi d’Jo range was launched by Home International in 2015, making durable and easy-to-use gardening products with recycled bottle fibres. Not only do these innovative solutions offer a valid alternative to the use of chemical and phytosanitary products, they have also proven their value-add related to moisture retention, weed-free gardening, better crop yield and neater gardens.

This philosophy of Jardi d’Jo has lead them to develop a line of products that are made with recycled materials, reusable for several years and, in most cases, recyclable once they have reached the end of their lifecycle. In developing this full line of garden felts, Jardi d’Jo seeks to provide solutions for typical gardening problems such as reusing raw materials, reducing watering frequency and water consumption, and protecting the quality and richness of the land.

After a successful launch on the French market, Jardi d’jo is now moving into other European countries. For the Belgian and Dutch market, they are partnering with VivaVerde for Business. Jardi d’Jo teams up with VivaVerde for Business for their experience in retail and in the horticultural sector, as well as for their skills in digital marketing and business development.

Should you have any questions related to the Jardi d’Jo products and how these can be of use for you, feel free to contact us for more information.

VivaVerde for Business joins Benefits of Nature

VivaVerde for Business joins the international Benefits of Nature network, an organisation of innovative players in the horticultural sector. Benefits of Nature aims to make the horticultural sector sector more sustainable step by step. In this network players in every phase of the supply chain are represented, ranging from growers to suppliers and service companies like VivaVerde for Business. They are all committed to develop their business in a sustainable way, through collaboration, co-creation and innovation. For more information, visit the website of Benefits of Nature.

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