Starting from the end of 2018, we became official reseller of the paper brand and printing service of Growingpaper. They produce and print on natural paper filled with seeds. This paper can be planted after use and will degrade completely.

This is a Dutch firm that grew out of the engagement of Ton Keetels and Geert Maas. Thanks to mutual interests in sustainability, they created a concept with a cradle-to-cradle view in mind.

They developed two kinds of paper. One 70 grams, to be compared with printing paper. The other 250 grams, a luxurious card. The knack of this product is that the paper is filled with seeds. After receiving products made from Growingpaper, people can plant the paper and flowers or vegetables will grow. This concept is clever and circular, considering the paper has two goals, and can be returned to earth after use.

The finer paper is still being produced in The Netherlands and therefore reducing carbon emission. The heavier Growingcard is handmade in an atelier in South-Africa. This way the firm offers employment and a fair wage to people with less chances on the job market.

Next to the product of Growingpaper itself comes a printing service. After meticulous research and tests, they found a way to print this paper without damaging the surface or seeds. All this printing is being done with eco-friendly ink that doesn’t damage the surroundings when planted.

We see a big potential for this service in Belgium. Considering the product is not only sustainable and circular, but also very quirky and attractive way communicating. Whether companies send out New Years greetings on Growingpaper, or customers buy birthday cards, the possibilities are endless.

Do you want to know more about Growingpaper? Read here. Interested in collaborating? Contact us.

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