Just recently VivaVerde for Business became member of The Shift. They are uniting Belgian organisations in their efforts towards a sustainable future. With the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN as a framework, these organisations show different policies to ensure a livable future as well in social fields, as in commerce and industries.

The SDG’s vary from providing clean sanitation for everyone, to evolving technology and industrialization into a sustainable industry. They bring together governments, private businesses and NGO’s. For VivaVerde for Business, the main SDG’s we are delivering are:

8. Decent work and economic growth: We work with European suppliers that have strict guidelines concerning job quality and fair pay for work.

9. Industries, innovation and infrastructure: We actively search for partners that are innovating their manufacture by reducing waste and energy.

12. Responsible consumption and production: We partner up with companies in Europe, to avoid high carbon emission from transport. We inform people on how to live sustainably and offer them solutions to do so.

13. Climate action: We provide solutions that will help people to reduce emissions and increase adaptation to the changing environment.

17. Partnership for the goals: By joining The Shift, we are partnering up with 370+ organisations in Belgium, including Colruyt Group, Unicef and SdWorx.

Because we choose to work with companies who have these same goals and more, we are building a network of companies that support each other in achieving those goals. Together we build the road towards sustainable economic growth. These partnerships are further explored and reinforced with the help of The Shift.

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