Our marketing project for VivaVerde.be was centered around forming a response towards the global phenomenon of Black Friday, the symbol of worldwide overconsumption. The idea is to promote a Green Friday, that focuses around slow living, the quality of life and the products in it. We are promoting durable, sustainable and user friendly products that are manufactured by European SMBs.

In line with these values, we are seeing the Green Friday campaign in a larger framework. This campaign will be used as an awareness bringing element. That is why this campaign will last one week, instead of one day. Potential customers will initially be made aware of the values and ideas of VivaVerde.be, thanks to content and promotions made around Green Friday.

After this first introduction, we will transform this awareness into conversions through an extensive campaign focusing on the Christmas shopping period. After this period of buying, we are keeping the customers close and building up loyalty with service after sales and a balanced cocktail of content and quality products. The idea behind this stretched out process is to take our potential customers onto a journey. This journey will not force them, but inspire them to consume more consciously.

Elements of the Green Friday campaign

  • Facebook and Instagram
    During a short introduction period of three days, we are announcing the launch of the Green Friday week with GIFS that show the contrast between fast consumption, industry and waste, and a simpler, slower way of living and consuming. During the Green Friday week, we showcase five different ‘Green Heroes’ from the shop assortment and highlight their benefits with short but informative and clear videos. These videos will go up both on the Facebook and Instagram page.
  • Website
    A special highlight page is made with an explanation of the ideas and values that inspired this campaign. This page will be a hub that combines all content and products that are being put in the spotlights.
  • Online advertising
    We will be making promotions for this content via Facebook, Instagram and Adwords.
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