Since a few years, every May in Belgium is dedicated to a nationwide campaign to lower the use of single-use plastic. This campaign, started by three Flemish women, is called Mei Plasticvrij (May Plastic Free). Considering this philosophy is completely in line with the one of, we had to design a campaign that surfed on the waves of this phenomenon.

After the first half year of the development of, we carried out a few changes, including a change of brand highlight colours. The bright and cheerful pastel colours evoke positive associations like good weather and green environments, as well as a modern and light touch. These colours can easily be used for social media videos, visuals and stories, and are fresh and inviting.

For Mei Plasticvrij, we took inspiration from our assortment of products that are plastic free and involve a real change in the amount of plastic waste. We chose 5 star products that will center in our campaign.

Through simple visuals we communicate which single-use plastic can be avoided by using the plastic free alternative. By using the new pastel brand colours we can introduce a common thread between our social media channels and our webshop. These visuals are introduced by a short animated video that shows our top 5 as a teaser.

The visuals will be posted throughout May with Facebook Shopping tags. Including the actual products in the Facebook post will invite the user to click through to our site. Simultanuously a Google Shopping Adwords campaign will be launched in order to initiate search related traffic into conversion. As transition to a more sustainable lifestyle is a gradual one, we will use remarketing-campaigns focused on pragmatic solutions to a specific audience.

You can take a look at our social media channels here.

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